Why Does My Water Taste Bad?

It’s something that happens almost every day throughout Arizona. Someone grabs a glass of water, turns on the tap, fills the glass, only to realize that the water isn’t quite as refreshing as they thought. Instead, it ranks right up there with adjectives like disgusting. Wondering why your water tastes so bad? It could actually be a variety of different problems.

  • Chlorine is one of the biggest problems with water taste. Many water treatment plants use chlorine to help make certain the water that comes into your home is as clean as possible, and while that’s quite necessary, it may smell odd and taste even worse.
  • Hydrogen sulfide can also be a real problem in drinking water that tastes bad. You’ll certainly know this one if you have it, as it produces a smell like rotten eggs with any water that comes out of the tap. You’ll likely smell it when you shower or do the laundry as well. It’s not dangerous, but it can make your life a little more complicated.
  • Many metallic tastes and smells come from elements like mercury seeping into the water supply, and while these can be very safe at low levels, if they reach higher levels, they could be quite dangerous.

What Can I Do?

Sick of water that tastes terrible? It’s actually a fairly easy problem to fix. You’ll want to start with a water test. From there, you’ll learn more about the exact nature of the water problems you’re facing and what the possible solutions might be. In many cases, that solution will likely be a whole house filtration system that will clean your water before it ever even enters your tap. In other cases, you may need to couple that solution with a few others to ensure you never have to face a terrible glass of water again. To learn more, contact us today.