The Safety of Well Water

More than 15 million households depend on private wells for drinking water every single day. If it’s polluted, it could create serious illness in your household. Is it actually safe to drink your well water?

The Safety of Groundwater

No matter what kind of well you have on your property, you’re actually drinking groundwater, and while most of it is dubbed as safe, the simple reality is that the water from a well isn’t regulated by aWater Wellnyone, certainly not state or federal governments. As a result, having it tested periodically is a good idea.

But I’ve Already Had It Tested Once!

Even if you’ve previously had your groundwater tested, it’s still a good idea to go ahead and have it tested again. It is possible for it to become contaminated over time. The deeper the well, the less likely it is that contamination may be the case. Problems, though, can be picked up almost anywhere. Some can be taken from the rocks. Run-off can seep into groundwater. Microorganisms, and even household waste, can also make their way into your water supply, making regular testing even more important than you’d initially imagined.

Don’t Risk the Potential For Problems

If you’ve learned anything from the past years, it should be that water supplies are nowhere near as safe as they once were. Your best bet? A whole house water filtration system that will keep all of you protected from the dangers that may lie with turning on the tap in your house. Even if your family has been using the same well water for generations, things have changed in recent years, and understanding the potential dangers you may face is a must.

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