The Rainsoft Difference

You’re probably familiar with a number of different brand names in the world of water softening and purification systems. Rainsoft, though, has made its mark on the industry in a way no other company has. Wondering exactly what the difference is? Here’s an overview:

  • Decades of Service: Since 1953, Rainsoft has been the name to know in water and air treatment systems in the residential and commercial market. The company started with a single location in Bensenville, Illinois, and now they have dealerships across the United States just like High Quality Water of Arizona.
  • Dedicated to Customer Satisfaction: Rainsoft offers a higher level of customer satisfaction than many other companies do. They continually work to produce new products that meet customer expectations and demands, and unlike many other companies, they really do listen to the feedback customers have to offer!
  • Strong Product Warranties: There’s nothing quite like a warranty to give you the peace of mind you deserve, and Rainsoft offers reliable guarantees that will put your mind at ease. While many customers will simply warranty the tank or the body of the valve, Rainsoft guarantees the entire unit, including the tank, conditioner media, the entire valve, and all of the electrical component. It’s the most comprehensive warranty in the industry.

As you search for the right water softening or filtration system, the only place to turn is Rainsoft, and at High Quality Water of Arizona, we’re proud to meet your needs. Rainsoft products can help give you the cleanest, best water available, and that can result in a lifetime of health benefits and cost savings that you may never realize without this fantastic product line.

To learn more about all of our products, take a moment to contact us today for a free water test!