Do You Need a Water Test?

How much water do you use in your home every day? It may take a bit of thought, but the chances are good that you’re going to come up with quite a list. After all, you probably take at least one bath or shower every day, as does everyone else in your household. You cook with water, clean with it, and even drink it. It’s an essential part of your life. That alone means you should likely know whaWater Testwt’s in it.

Impending Disaster

Water concerns have hit the headlines again and again over the past few years. From small communities to the entire state of West Virginia, there are ongoing concerns about the safety and the quality of the water you use every day, and a water test can help put your mind at ease about many of those concerns. Even at that, though, many may still be resistant to a water test, so if you’re not sure whether you should consider one, here are just a few instances when it should be at the forefront of your mind.

  • Just  moved? A water test is a must. Even if you’ve just moved across town, something drastic could have changed, so it’s a good idea to know what you’re up against and whether you need to consider a whole house water filtration system or a water softener for your new home.
  • You noticed something different? That makes having a test done a must. If geologic activity is done regularly or something else has changed within your municipality, it could affect the quality of your water, so a test is not a bad idea.
  • You have a well. Well water isn’t regularly monitored by anyone, so you’ll want to test regularly if you have a well.

Ready to book that test? Give us a call today. We offer free tests, and if nothing else, it will put your mind at ease about the state of your current water supply.